ABC’s (and D) Of Great Sports Programs

First, let’s get clear – sports programs are either great or have the potential to become great. To believe otherwise is to not believe in the beauty of competition, growth development of student-athletes and responsible use of resources allocated to sports. Every sports program and those within it want and strive for greatness. Greatness is the bar, the standard…the goal.

Why are some programs at or above the greatness bar, while others are still looking for it? There are many reasons. And, what’s often missed is that there are many variations for measuring greatness. In other words, this definition of greatness may not match that definition of greatness.

Regardless of factors or measuring sticks, all programs need specific components present. Not because all programs should look similar or pursue pursue similar goals, but because certain success traits are necessary within any setting. Good structure and attention to good structure is the start, end and everything in between for great programs.

The ABC’s (and D) of great sports programs won’t move a program to greatness by themselves, but they will provide a solid foundation to allow other success factors to be built upon.

  • Answer the tough questions
  • Build a solid process
  • Count everyone as valuable
  • Don’t ever get complacent

Yes, sports is loved, enjoyed and supported…and it has to start within the program.

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