Career Pathing For Sports Professionals

Did you single-handedly get you current sports job, or did someone get it for you?

Somewhere along the line a job or career boost may have happened due to others. And, you may have done the same for others. No shame in either case – just gratitude, hopefully.

There are important differences between a job, career, career planning and career paths. All are important, given an individual’s situation or life stage. However, career path, or pathing, is rarely mentioned – especially within the sports profession.

Career pathing is charting a course within or outside an organization and lead by career development and skill acquisition. It involves understanding what knowledge, skills, characteristics, and experience are required to progress. Career pathing focuses on obtaining skills that allow advancement.

Your district or campus doesn’t have to support career pathing for you to engage in it yourself. There are systems, people and resources around you to help get the skills needed to shape your current and future sports career objectives:

  • Job descriptions and specifications
  • Job application process (internal and external)
  • Employees currently doing your desired job
  • Training classes and professional development
  • Job shadowing or mentoring
  • Lateral moves, transfers or promotions
  • Career coaching by supervisor

It’s absolutely important you own your career path by 1) deciding your career goals and desired jobs and 2) putting your career path in writing and then in action.

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