Champion’s Mindset: The Two Page Challenge For Athletes

Dreaming is great, doing is better. Actually accomplishing something – feat, goal or personal record – has more weight.

Athletes have these moments all the time. The 300-yard game, 32 point game or 13 strikeouts. There are also the times when no one sees the dunk, record pole vault or 279 yard drive. Whether in front of a crowd or on a Sunday evening, “bests” happen.

How often are athletes asked to “capture” those moment in words…their words?

Great performances are usually caught on video and posted, written in newspapers or online as written by a reporter, or conveyed by an announcer or broadcaster.

The Two Page Challenge: Ask athletes to capture their greatest and most proud sports moment in a two page, written description using these criteria:

  • When did it happen – date, location, game or practice?
  • Did they believe it could happen?
  • Was it luck or preparation?
  • How did they respond when asked about the performance?
  • If no one was present, how would they have responded if asked?
  • Do they believe the performance can happen again, and why?
  • What was the first thought when they achieved the feat?
  • What would it take to perform like that everyday.

Athletes have to be comfortable with doing extraordinary things. When they do something extraordinary, ask them to capture it in a two page written form. This makes easier to visualize future success.

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