Using Sports To Shape Attitudes

Health club memberships and fitness equipment – the two most well-intended purchases. More promises are broken than kept when it comes to actually going to the gym or using the equipment. To many, it’s the intention that counts more than the follow-through.

Sports isn’t about intentions, it’s about results. Outstanding results occur when there’s an attitude and will to move from intentions to actions. Athletes, coaches, administrators and parents make commitments to sports and those commitments must result in:

  • Dedication to improvement (athletes)
  • Providing proper instruction (coaches)
  • Showing good leadership (administrators)
  • Contributing strong support (parents)

If a program is to be successful, athletes cannot be the only group required to have the right attitude. Everyone that shows up to participate in, coach, lead or support sports must have aligned attitudes and actions…not just good intententions. Athletes are usually the first ones to understand this point.

So much self-sabotage happens within sports due to intentions, attitude and actions being out of whack or misaligned. What makes it even worse is that most of the burden is placed on athletes or the team to get their attitudes right. When, in essence, they’re only 25% of the equation.

Balance is a big part of success in sports. Use that concept to look deeply into how attitude influences program actions, and who’s responsible for helping correctly shape its purpose.

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