Constructing A Championship Team Without A Blueprint

In the early days of sports, building a team resembled the three little pigs building their houses to keep out the wolf. There were minimal resources – straw, wood or brick. Earlier sports teams did something similar, but relied on these basics – warm bodies, volunteer coaches and decent playing venues.

Times…have…changed – significantly! From social media issues to performance enhancing drugs to injury precautions to leagues and clubs. And, not to mention the often impatient and sometimes rebellious nature of today’s athletes.

Enter the need for custom-made teams, not track housing. Because what influences one program or team may entirely different when compared to the one across town, the state or nation. Proven blueprints for building championship teams aren’t becoming obsolete, it’s the fact they’re requiring a lot of tweaks and adjustments.

Therefore, instead of allocating time and resources adjusting another team’s blueprint, teams and programs should construct based on their specific needs. Constructing a championship team can range from simple to deeply complex, due to today’s athletes, social environment and oversight demands.

Regardless of complexity, here are five attributes to be considered in every championship team’s blueprint:

  1. What are realistic team goals?
  2. Who’s responsible for constructing the team?
  3. Who’s responsible for coaching/leading the team?
  4. Who are the internal and external stakeholders that can influence?
  5. Is player talent and other advantages maximized under the team structure?

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