Echo-Chambers And Resolving Sports Issues

Echo-chambers are confusing and soothing. In a nutshell, it’s hearing good news about things one might support and bad new about things they don’t. True, nothing ever truly gets resolved, but it makes chamber members feel good. The opposition…well, as long as the bad stuff keeps rolling in, the “good guys” must be better or winning!

Sports is one huge echo-chamber, at times. Sports professionals like agreement – from athletes, other staff, fans and program leaders. A very good example of a sports echo-chamber perspective is, “if someone doesn’t support every aspect of sports, well…then, they hate all sports”. In other words, people can also become deaf, one-sided or blindly lead by holding an echo-chamber mentality.

Sports is fraught with many issues. And, the quickest way to get people to become insensitive or uninterested in your or a specific sports issue is to project the belief that sports is above any and all things. Yes, sports needs and thrives off buy-in, but those both inside and outside sports cannot do it blindly.

Elevating and successfully overcoming or resolving any issue must consider two key parts – 1) the issue may be significant, but maybe not to everyone and 2) how do you get both interested and uninterested people to support resolution of an issue.

Answer: Sports is the entry-way, not the only way. So, balance and engage.

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