Genuine, Authentic And True

People appreciate direct and clear. They may not necessarily like direct and clear, but it’s appreciated. Whether it’s imposed or being imposed through an individual, written instruction or delegation, directness and clarity can be hard to convey and hard to accept.

Genuine, authentic and true words and actions are interpreted in myriad ways – ranging from harsh to sincere to threatening to loving. Depending who’s the giver or receiver.

Sports laudes itself as a life improvement and personal growth tool. Instilled through sports, discipline, accountability and responsibility are championed qualitities that every athlete, team and program must agree to sign up to embrace.

However, what surprises many, particularly athletes, is how instructions and expectations are both portrayed and conveyed. Words usually aren’t parsed or minced. Sports doesn’t allow or even attempt to create room for ambiguity. Ambiguity equals losses.

Instead, genuine, authentic and true may not always be the most acceptable vehicles to transport a message, but it does reduce ambiguity.

Not everyone is versed in effectively conveying genuine, authentic and true. Some are too brazen, which erodes or overshadows the message. Others may be too meek, which inadvertently minimizes importance. As well, being too balanced portrays the message as a suggestion, rather than a directive or mandate.

Lastly, understand that genuine, authentic or true individuals aren’t necessarily the best messengers.

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