Rock And A Hard Place Requires Pause

Proceed With Caution means something. It’s more than be careful or watch your next move. It means a path or undertaking has been previously explored and outcomes have been not so good and hazards and dangers may still exist. So, proceeding with caution is more than a warning, it’s an alert to past experiences.

Peril is the precursor to perilous. Meaning Mr. Rock on the left, let me introduce you to Mr. Hard Place on the right. Wedged between the two are usually individuals, undertakings and ill-advised decisions. It doesn’t necessarily mean warnings were ignored…it could also be the result of not respecting the terrain and everything involved with traversing it skillfully.

Pause isn’t always welcomed in sports. Hesitation means your opponent gets there first. But, does first mean arriving better prepared or equipped. Sports is split decisions, aggressive reaction and short-term memory. All those things, when not kept in proper context or perspective, causes one to become lodged even deeper between Mr. Rock and Mr. Hard Place.

Before nearly every sporting event, pause is expected and granted for a number of reasons – fallen heroes, our country, lost teammates, world or national tragedy, etc. Sports and competition immediately follows the pause.

Therefore, what’s the rush? Proceeding with caution, in the right circumstances, does pay dividends – especially with program planning, execution and goal attainment strategies.

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