So, When Is Payday?

Work hard, do your best, make a difference, be worthy of pay.

Are all those criteria met before asking, “So, when is payday?”

In sports, the “So, when is payday” question is usually in the form of, “When will we win a championship” or “When will our work result in more reward?” In other words, too often pay-out or pay-back is expected before satisfying the criteria of commitment, dedication, buy-in and sacrifice. Instead, it’s more like, “here’s my account, so just put the payment there.” As if merely having an account is reason enough for receiving payment.

Every athlete, team and program has an “account”. More withdrawals are made from some, while less deposits are placed, and vice versa. At the end of the work week, the paycheck reflects the work, effectiveness, differences and worthiness of each account holder. In other words, earning a paycheck means earning a paycheck!

Sports programs, athletes and teams should never focus on the pay-out or pay-back. Instead, each group should focus on the pay-in. Doing the things necessary to build a healthy account balance, knowing it’s the result of a good and productive work week. Earning the paycheck.

Payday in sports arrives when it’s time. And sometimes, unfortunately, according to factors and circumstances beyond the account holders’ control. This is overcome by showing up for work next week.

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