The Power Of Frequency

Repeat the treatment often and until better…doctor’s orders!

Improvement doesn’t miraculously manifest itself, it has to be pursued. Improvement doesn’t remain still, waiting to be captured. Improvement is a desire and has to be desired.

ImPROVEment. Yes, prove is at its core. And, the way something is proven is through frequency of actions that lead to the actual improvement. Frequency attacks obstacles in two key ways – 1) persistence is just as, if not more, important than power or strength and 2) there are no limits on the number of attempts to overcome an obstacle.

Frequency can also be abandoned before it’s actually accepted and given a chance. Simply hearing “how often” something must be done or repeated is enough to deter taking on persistent frequency. Probably all for the best, because beginning any task or journey with a defeatist mindset rarely leads to improvement.

Just as a doctor knows what to prescribe a patient for their health to improve, the same care should be considered when prescribing how to improve in sports and other areas of life. And, the individual receiving the prescription must be willing to trust the process.

Frequency is just one factor that leads to improvement, but, it’s an important one. Frequency means presence, day in and day out. It also means there’s a belief in the constant behaviors and actions leading to success.

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