You Should’ve Done This One Thing For Your Sports Program By Now

Summer. Down-time, reprieve, off-season, unstructured activity. Yes, athletes, coaches and program leadership should embrace the much needed opportunity to let their hair down. Because it’ll all ramp up when sports program seasons’ hit…full-bore!

Something that’s absolutely needed in developing a positive or winning culture is an evaluation phase. If you or your program has not done a top to bottom evaluation of the past year, you may have missed an excellent opportunity to make significant improvements.

Yes, it should be as thorough and comprehensive as possible. Sports programs make improvements in small increments, not leaps and bounds. The smaller the improvement, the more effort required to identify opportunities to improve. But, it doesn’t end there because adjustments must be planned.

Doing the evaluation shouldn’t be cumbersome, it should be productive, efficient and effective. And, without a doubt, it should be honest and objective. This is not the time to levy blame, it’s a time to find weaknesses and strengths. Then determining how best to overcome or take advantage.

It’s not too late to capture the past year’s outcomes, successes and failures and evaluate how each can improve the program going forwards. Pull together a core group and discuss what went well and what didn’t. Then establish an accountability role for addressing each identified opportunity.

Make this a rigorous process, while understanding the true value.

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