Don’t Get it Twisted! To Mom, College Sports Is About College, First!

How can we afford college in these times?

Grants and scholarships…what’s available?

It’s going to take how long to graduate?

Is my child ready for college responsibilities?

Is that major needed in 5 or 10 years?

Will my child be happy and successful there?

Those questions enter into parents’ heads before they even get out of bed, and the questions multiply five-fold by bedtime. When a parent visits the school counselor to talk grades or the coach to discuss playing time or visit a college campus to check things out,¬†it’s about two things and two things only – cutting¬†expenses and setting their kid up for future success.

College brings out the best and worst thoughts when it comes to thinking about expenses and future success.

All parents dream about their child being the star athlete, with good grades, friends and recognition. However, when things progress, dreams morph into viewing sports as a way to curb college expenses and ensuring their kid obtains an education that helps them later in life.

Sports takes on a different meaning when you go from seeing where it has brought an individual…to understanding where it can take an individual and their family. College sports is a very real option for attending and paying for college. However, everyone’s perspective must be calibrated to the possibilities and challenges when pursuing college sports opportunities.

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