Playing College Sports Is A Goal, Not A Dream

Dreams keep you awake at night, figuring out what if’s and getting lost in grand ideas.

Goals help you sleep at night, because you feel good with your day’s accomplishments.

A lot of athletes dream about playing college sports. Dreams motivate, provide hope and shape reality into what’s needed in order to keep believing. Continuing to dream has its place, and so does choosing the tough path to make your dreams a reality.

The tough path is filled with stepping stones, known as goals. The goal to play college sports is a collection of smaller goals (or steps) that you must accomplish. Hitting your goals is proof that you want to be next level. Not simply be chosen for the next level, but ready for next level.

In a previous post, three things were identified as being needed for playing college sports – athleticism, academics and motivation. Each one requires goals that are direct, clear and pursued – every single day.

Goal achievement has become too complicated over the years, when it’s really a simple process consisting of six things:

  1. YOUR clear purpose
  2. Defining YOUR one, big goal
  3. Outlining and aligning YOUR supporting goals
  4. Track YOUR successes and setbacks along the way
  5. Learn, re-apply YOUR knowledge and refine as necessary
  6. Package, market and sell YOUR accomplishments to the right people

Dreams are ambiguous, lofty and somewhat useful. When dreaming, stay away from being too abstract, because you don’t want wishing to become a distraction. You need focus, clear focus.

Goals are hard to achieve, and they should be. Everyone can’t do it. With goals, you decide to separate yourself from the pack and be a consistent doer known for accomplishing things.

College sports is a dream of many athletes, but that dream must be put into action steps in the form of goals. Dreams and goals can co-exist, make sure your world is the one you actively shape.

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