Recruiting Brings Excitement And Let Down

The biggest asset to rely on during the recruiting process is communication. But, here’s the truly important part – it must involve two-way listening and speaking (or writing) in all permissible communication with a recruiter. Good communication keeps things clear among everyone, holds excitement in check and avoids let down if something is misinterpreted.

Excitement is the first and very natural emotion – a college program believes in you, or you’ve worked your butt off to find someone who believes in you. Regardless, a potential match or connection is on the cusp of turning into something big. Celebrate…but make it short-lived. And, here’s why. College, and more important, college sports, is about focusing on and handling your business. By showing restraint in becoming overly excited or moved, it can prove to a recruiter that you possess the maturity to remain focused during critical times.

Let Down will also be experienced during recruiting. It may be due to you, a coach or change in the recruiter’s direction or perspective. Again, engaging in two-way communication helps to minimize surprises that lead to let down. However, if disappointment does move into the recruiting process, it should be managed with maturity and a willingness to accept constructive feedback and valid reasoning. A let down may eventually turn into other opportunities you may not have considered, so approach it with an open-mind and never-say-die commitment.

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