Three Things That Make Every Student-Athlete A College Prospect

If you do something really well, the entire world beats a path to your door. The number three, number five, number 400 player gets nothing. It’s almost a winner take all.

Lloyd Blankfein

College sports programs have different needs and there are only three needs that matter when evaluating athletes:

  1. Athleticism
  2. Academics
  3. Motivation

Yes, in that order. Programs may shift their priorities given circumstances or direction from higher up. But, for the most part, those three are set in stone. So much can be determined by evaluating how a student-athlete handles their business in these three areas. They’re not only game-changers, but deal-breakers as well.

Every coach, teammate, parent and supporter takes pride in encouraging student-athletes to be confident and aggressive during competition. That same rabid prodding needs to take place when there’s genuine interest in pursuing the dream of playing collegiate sports.

Too often, it’s “big program” or bust. This is so short-sighted! There are programs that welcome quality people able to satisfy their measuring sticks of athleticism, academics and motivation. It’s not the sole right of others to determine who can or cannot compete at the next level.

When there’s a strong support system and a program’s needs matches a student-athlete’s athleticism, academics and motivation…a match can be made and nothing or no one should ever discourage a student-athlete’s desire to pursue that match.

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