Billion Dollar Giant And A Recruiter

Walmart is a shop that sells cheap stuff. That’s less intimidating than saying it’s a $277,000,000,000 behemoth that dominates retail.

A recruiter is someone looking for athletes. That’s less intimidating than saying it’s someone giving scholarships to only talented players.

I’ve spoken many times about perspective in my blog posts. Perspective is when factual information is introduced into a situation for the purpose of logic or clarity. In simpler terms, it’s the reality of the situation or circumstances. Therefore, when it comes to recruiting, reality (number of available scholarships) has to be kept in proper and clear perspective. This includes what factors influence who gets scholarships, the needs of the university and what the athlete offers that’s worthy of earning a scholarship.

I tell prospects to break down recruiting AND recruiters into the simplest terms possible. By doing so, it allows perspective to be embraced and more realistic. The theory being, the more simple a problem or situation is interpreted, the easier it is to solve. Regardless of the complexities involved, and what’s at stake.

Recruiters ask the same information from and about EVERY prospect. They’re interested in grades, ability, work ethic, relationships, future plans, etc. Where a prospect stumbles is when he or she feels they’re the only one being “questioned” about those areas – the important and reality-driven factors. When in actuality, the recruiter’s questions and probing are fairly common and basic.

I tell and show the prospect to maintain the perspective that recruiting is about information and getting to yes. In between those two…everything should be honest, above board and exactly what the recruiter is looking for, based on the questions asked. Don’t provide more, don’t provide less…provide what the recruiter needs. It’s like taking an algebra exam…read the question, perform the exact order of operation, deliver the correct answer.

The recruiter should not be made larger than their role requires. A prospect must listen, provide and continue to work toward excellence in all they are involved in during the recruiting process. The recruiting process should not become some complex path, when it’s fairly basic in nature.

I tell and instruct prospect’s to think in these terms. If they go to Walmart to get what’s needed at a low price, they shouldn’t walk into the store, get what they need and then complicate the experience by trying to pay with golden nuggets when cash or a card will do. Keep the transaction simple, and address the complicated parts when and if they show up.

The recruiter isn’t an intimidating person, a prospect’s perspective of the recruiter makes him or her appear intimidating.

A prospect will without doubt meet more powerful and intimidating people in life. However, it’s recognized a prospect can feel there’s no one is more important and larger than a recruiter who decides who gets scholarships. I simply remind the athlete they frequently deal with tough competitors, smart teachers and wise parents. This has prepared them to responsibly interact with a recruiter and navigate the recruiting process.

A prospect’s perspective makes the path simplistic or complex. Knowing the recruiting process, role of the recruiter and what factors are considered can help maintain a simplistic outlook.

I prepare prospects for the recruiting process. If you are a parent, coach or athlete, please contact me to explore how the complex can be made simple. I remove the intimidation and show how to pursue scholarship dollars and the dream of playing collegiate sports.

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