Make Life Easier – By Being Prepared

Great individuals, organizations and results don’t just happen – they’re created. They’re the outcomes of building and pursuing. And, there’s a formula – plan, prepare and perform.

Planning gets the most attention, followed by performing, with preparation receiving the scraps of resources and energy remaining.


Athletics and Sports are exciting and rewarding! In sports, results are your responsibility – on the field or off, today or next season.

Whether you’re the shot-caller or part of the show, this site’s posts and EGT Sports Affairs help you perform better. Athletic Directors, Athletic Coordinators, Campus Coordinators, Program Managers, Coaches and Student-Athletes¬†must do two things well:

  • Responsibly manage their skill sets
  • Enhance individual and team capability

This site and EGT Sports Affairs’ sports program services help you personally and professionally!¬†Sports and athletics are more publicized; therefore, sports are held to higher accountability and obligation standards.

Keeping This Simple, Focused and Useful

With a combination of insightful blog posts and service offerings, sports and athletics will thrive in a success environment like never before. The landscape is filled with many services that are too complex and pricey, while offering little return on investment. And most of all, lacking in experience and proven successful results.

Please see the contact page if you have any questions. Your comment and feedback is welcomed. And, yes, please share!