Staff Development for Sports Professionals

High quality, game-changing professional development for sports and athletics programs that’s convenient and affordable. This service enhances capability and dedication of sports professionals – coaches, program leaders and administrators – for success in all phases of sports and athletics.

  • Incredibly Affordable
  • Professionally Delivered
  • Aligned with Sports Goals
  • Targeted to Program Needs
  • Suitable for All Program Sizes
  • No Limit on Number of Attendees
  • Delivered at Your Program Location

Public & Private Schools / Colleges & Universities

Character Building

Improved awareness and higher regard for the individuals shaped and guided while under the responsibility of the athletics program.

Culture Situation

Deeper recognition and consideration for anyone and anything that benefits from a responsible environment that reflects positive behaviors.

Leadership Value

Renewed and well-rounded perspective of leadership and its true value and importance to the individual leader and those they lead.

Success Metrics

Measuring success based on personal, team and program goals; and aligning and managing resources to support and fulfill goals.

Student Athlete Engagement Talks

Geared towards the needs of today’s student-athletes. Talks have been developed based on years of mentoring student-athletes and dialogue with coaches and parents. Engagement talks are presented in two formats – Universal, which apply to all student-athletes and programs, and Customized, which are tailored to the specific needs of a program’s student-athlete population or unique issues.

More information, including topics, options and pricing, can be found under the speaking tab of this site.

Youth Sports – Leagues / Clubs / Volunteer Organizations

Authority Roles

Understanding the importance of hierarchical structure within youth sports environments and the benefits of a clearly defined system.

Parent Management

Manage parent and adult engagement, conduct and behaviors using responsible techniques to promote a positive sports environment.

Coaching With Principles

Sharpen skills to enhance coaching and instructional effectiveness to foster athlete development, team work, discipline and accountability.

The Full Sports Experience

Recognize and align key elements that impact sports and competition to ensure an enjoyable, entertaining and growth-oriented setting.

Options and Pricing

Delivery Options – Schools and Leagues

One Hour

  • $750 (1 Topic)
  • $950 (2 Topics)

Two Hours

  • $1200 (2 Topics)
  • $1500 (3 Topics)

Three Hours

  • $1800 (3 Topics)
  • $2400 (4 Topics)

Additional Information

  • Each option can include Special Request/Customized Topic at an additional cost.
  • All talks are delivered at your facility, with suitable indoor training accommodations.
  • Please contact for references and clients served.