EVERY Student-Athlete Is A Prospect For College Sports!

It requires three things to play at the next level (in this order exact order):

  • Athleticism
  • Grades
  • Motivation

EVERY Student-Athlete Needs A Next Level MENTALITY

Coaches, parents and fans have encouraged your confidence and aggressiveness since the first day you put on a uniform or became part of a team. You must expect and demand their same support for your dream of playing collegiate sports. Most important, you must turn up your motivation and drive for wanting to play at the next level.

College sports isn’t for everyone, only the select few…and, you have to want to be a member of the select few. If you don’t want it, don’t waste other people’s time and don’t take scholarship money and opportunity from someone who wants and deserves it more. Commit, grind and finish! Otherwise, leave it alone!

EVERY Student-Athlete Has Next Level ATHLETICISM

Some are blessed with “physical gifts”. Some are blessed with bigger fight. Some are blessed with a strong support system. Some just out work others. All these contribute to improving athletic skill and ability. Sports takes commitment, and if you commit to becoming a better athlete, you can get there…athleticism will show up.

EVERY Student-Athlete Has Next Level ACADEMICS

Sports does two things – challenges you and creates opportunities for winning. Academics are no different – they challenge your mental growth and create opportunities for you to achieve. If you’ve prepared well, you are fearless of you opponent. If you’ve prepared well, you are fearless of homework, tests and assessments.

EVERY Student-Athlete Has Next Level MOTIVATION

No one thing got you to the point of wanting to and believing you can play collegiate sports. It was a mix of things that required you to use every dream, person and challenge in your life to reach for, grab and pull yourself up to the next rung. Athletes live in constant motivation. Wrap yourself in motivation every single day!

College Sports Means Something Different For EVERYONE Involved

  • Athletes: Opportunity to prove your ability, realize a dream and continue doing what you love
  • Parents: Witnessing a child achieve goals and relieving financial burden of college expenses
  • High School Coaches: Reinforcing their ability to prepare student-athletes for college sports
  • College Coaches: Receiving quality student-athletes to help their program and foster growth

Each group has their reasons for reaching the next level. Throughout the process of getting there, staying there and succeeding there, many factors contribute to each group’s perspective. But, without doubt, the largest factor is what the student-athlete does to prepare for College+Sports.


To athletes, sports is the reason. To parents, college is the reason. To coaches, college sports is the reason.

EGT Sports Affairs takes a unique approach to addressing each group’s goals, preparation and achievement. It’s called the College+Sports Equation. The equation states, college is needed for future success, sports is a path to college and College+Sports is the best way to prepare for, embrace and manage the process.

College+Sports is not a recruiting service. It’s a recruiting prospect enhancement service that’s 100% aimed at preparing student-athletes for college AND sports. The goal isn’t to knock viable and proven recruiting services, it’s to ensure student-athletes and families maximize all resources necessary for acquiring scholarship dollars.

The key is College+Sports one-on-one coaching with student-athletes. Coaching serves two very distinct purposes:

  • Greater empowerment of student-athletes to control recruiting outcomes
  • Better preparation for taking on both college and sports

COLLEGE+SPORTS Success Formula

EGT Sports Affairs has more than ten years experience mentoring and counseling Junior College, NAIA, Division I, II, and II prospects – no star to five star athletes. Through continual contact with student-athletes, their families and high school and college coaches, EGT Sports Affairs has identified three specific areas that determine how well a athlete is prepared for the recruiting process and college sports.

EGT Sports Affairs performs one-on-one coaching with student-athletes to introduce these three areas into their lives and hold them accountable to decision making and actions to navigate the recruiting process and enable them to maximize and leverage their athleticism, academics and motivation for college sports.

The three areas focused on during one-on-one coaching are game changers. They prepare individuals for college, for sports and for life. Even if a prospect doesn’t ultimately achieve the goal of college sports, they come away with a blueprint that can be used to succeed in many other areas of their lives.

COLLEGE+SPORTS Is A Success Formula, Not A Secret Formula

EGT Sports Affairs leaves promises up to the recruiting services, college recruiters and high school coaches. The only promise EGT Sports Affairs makes is the commitment to preparing student-athletes through focusing on three core areas to guide and build improvement. EGT Sports Affairs also promises to help student-athletes and their families find their best answers.

A secret formula requires little work (often with great time, money and resource commitment, but no guarantees), but a success formula demands your best and hardest work (with many redeeming positives, regardless of outcome). EGT Sports Affairs promises student-athletes will improve their approaches and commitment to athleticism, academics and motivation when they adhere to the College+Sports Success Formula. This will improves their chance of becoming a next level student-athlete.

COLLEGE+SPORTS Coaching – The First Step

Engaging EGT Sports Affairs is easy, but most of all it’s personal and genuine. Their are two goals during initial contact – establishing a level of comfort and providing clarity. Parents and student-athletes will never be expected to navigate a cumbersome and impersonal website. Human beings deserve human attention when it comes to the dreams of student-athletes, their families and decisions about committing time, money and effort.

The initial call will be used to set up a time for a 30-minute FREE visit with the parents/guardians. Following the call, parents/guardians will receive an email detailing the full program, along with options on length of student-athlete coaching, time commitment, pricing options and expectations of all parties. It’s just that simple!

The best part, due to the personal stake and investment of everyone involved, EGT Sports Affairs limits College+Sports Coaching to no more than 12 prospects at once. This ensures each prospect receives the focus, attention and dedicated guidance on the College+Sports Success Formula. EGT Sports Affairs is a resource, not an impersonal service provider.

Click here to be directed to EGT Sports Affairs direct number number or email. If not immediately answered, expect a response in a mind-boggling short amount of time.

COLLEGE+SPORTS Coaching – What’s Next

EGT Sports Affairs truly wishes it could provide the details of it’s simple, yet effective three-step College+Sports Success Formula on this site. But in today’s landscape of recruiting services, it would be a grave disservice to student-athletes and families to allow misrepresentation or lack of ability by others to attempt to employ what has taken EGT Sports Affairs more than ten years to sharpen and offer as a viable and effective resource.

Contact EGT Sports Affairs and from the initial words spoken, you will understand what your student-athlete and family will be receiving through College+Sports Prospect Coaching.