Keynote and General Speaking

Preparation applies to an array of personal, business and sports topics. The speaker will tailor a talk to meet any need. Drawn from personal experience and business, sports and personal successes, each message is guaranteed to engage and motivate audience members to action.

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Student-Athlete Engagement Talks

  • Timely
  • Engaging
  • Interesting
  • Well-Delivered
  • Growth Focused
  • Built For Your Needs

Two Types to Choose From…

Universal Engagement Talk

Timely content presented to highlight awareness of responsibility in life, academics and sports. Topic examples:

  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Academics
  • Relationships
  • Current Sports Issues
  • Others Topics Also Available
Customized Engagement Talk

Coordination with athletics or school staff to identify a specific topic that addresses a concern or reinforces expectations. The objective is to strengthen the message using non-program staff.

Options and Pricing

Delivery Options – Engagement Talks

30 Minute Talk

  • $450 – Universal
  • $600 – Customized

45 Minute Talk

  • $550 – Universal
  • $750 – Customized

60 Minute Talk

  • $900 – Universal or Customized

Additional Information

  • Universal talks can be scheduled and delivered quickly, based on schedule availability.
  • Customized talks require assessment time commitment and content preparation.
  • All talks are delivered at the program’s facility, within appropriate indoor accommodations.